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Knoxville, Tennessee United States
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    Knoxville Tennessee, United States
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    My Creativity Comes Honestly...

    I guess I was a pretty crafty, creative kid growing up. I still remember ordering my friendship bracelet instruction/starter kit from DMC and checking the mail daily until it arrived. I so loved all the thread and bead colors and wanted to get as many different ones as I could. I am still like that today with my beads but now instead of embroidery thread, it's yarn. I also tried my hand at sewing, latch hook, cross stitch and various other things while growing up. I still have some of the creations I made way back then.

    Except for the basic sewing I learned in Home Ec, every craft I know is self taught. My Mother was always very creative and I like to think I got it from her. She had a vast array of different crafts she enjoyed...sewing, cross stitch and crochet to name only a few. She loved crocheting afghans, especially for the newest additions to our family, and always had a bag of yarn and hooks by her side while relaxing in front of the TV or on those long family road trips. She was an expert at her craft and made the most beautiful things! The handmade items from Grandmas, Aunts and Mom always meant the most to me and I still cherish them to this day.

    A few years after she passed away, I decided I wanted to learn to crochet. I wanted to continue her beautiful legacy and, after lots of hard work, frustration and persistence, I taught myself. I love it and I get better with every project I make! I am very proud of my creations and I know she would be too.

    I started making jewelry shortly thereafter and things have just continued to evolve. Lately, I have become passionate about upcycing old, discarded items into something fabulous again or "refabulous" as I like to call it! The hunt for that perfect refabbing project is half the fun!

    I really hope you enjoy my designs... each one is made with lots of hard work, care and love. Please, stay a while and look around; there's lots to see and I am always making new things to share! You can also find ALL of my designs on my Facebook page @ Happy handmade shopping!!
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